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March 28, 2016
Sometimes Mommy has just lost her mind.

 February 9, 2016
Not a good idea to mete out punishment until you have all the facts.

July 2, 2013
No good deed goes unpunished.

May 23, 2013
No matter how much time you spend with your children, you will always learn something new about them from time to time.

May 13, 2013
When left alone 3 children can demolish a clean room!

March 25, 2013
My children are master interrogators! I need to brush up on my theology :-}

February 19, 2013
Is there anything sweeter than the earnest prayers of our children?

February 9, 2013
It is not a good idea to schedule an all day outing the day before a belt test!

February 2, 2013
God's provision knows no end. He is faithful to provide the needs of those who are following Him if we just have faith in Him and the patience to wait.

January 6, 2013
Why is it that the only time you get peace and quiet is when you're too tired to enjoy it?

December 16, 2012
When will the crazy hectic pace of my life slow down?

November 15, 2012
Being hospitable can sometimes  be exhausting.

October 7, 2012
I know why God in His infinite wisdom gave us the day of rest. Besides spending time in worship and meditation, after 6 days of labor your body needs it! Ask me how I know?!?

September 30, 2012
What would you do without good friends and family who love you?

September 24, 2012
You know you're tired when you curl up in your chair at dinner and take a nap.

September 23, 2012
Sometimes its nice to just have a cup of coffee and talk about life with your child. They grow up so quick!

September 20, 2012
I always wondered why God did not grant us a large family. Now I know. Today I had nine children under the age of 12 running about and I was a nervous wreck. My neat and order gene was in over drive. I love the children dearly but God knew what He was doing when He only gave me three.

September 19, 2012
When our children see Mom and Dad hugging, they will usually run to sit on the floor between our legs. It has become a sort of game for my husband and me to move about forcing the children to pick up and follow us. Tonight however our son said something rather profound (though I'm sure he did not know it). When he caught Mommy and Daddy hugging he yelled out "Look sister, home!"
It is my sincerest hope that our children will always view that place between Mom and Dad as home and seek refuge there.

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